One of you emailed in some funnt stats on the MSU vs. UM rivalry:

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Thanks to Scott for this:

OSU and U-M have played 104 times 


OSU's record against U-M is 41 - 57 - 6. . 

53 games have been in Ann Arbor and 51 games have been in Columbus. 



MSU and U-M have played 100 times 


MSU's record against U-M is 28 - 67 - 5. But here is where it gets interesting. 

69 games have been in Ann Arbor and 31 games have been in East Lansing. 


OSU's series against U-M has been more balanced. 53 in Ann Arbor, and 51 in Columbus. 

MSU's series against U-M is not balanced at all. 69 games in Ann Arbor!!!!!!!!! 


In MSU's first 50 games against the yellow-bellies from 1898 to 1957, all but 6 games were played in Ann Arbor. Is that fair?  This MSU / U-M series record doesn't mean jack squat because it is so scewed its pathetic. 


But here is what made me smile. MSU has 18 wins in Ann Arbor and 10 wins in East Lansing. Next year could be win # 19 in Ann Arbor .........