Reports MSU Football Would Opt out of CFB are 'Bizarre'

McLain Moberg

Before the Big Ten reinstated college football, loads of reports came out saying some universities wouldn't participate.

One, in particular, turned out to be completely false.

On September 14, Dan Patrick reported that Michigan and Maryland probably wouldn't play if the Big Ten returned, and Michigan State would opt out of the 2020 season altogether.

Michigan State athletic director Bill Beekman was "befuddled" by where those theories originated.

"Those reports, from my perspective, were absolutely bizarre. Michigan State has never in this entire process been anything – in terms of representing our perspective to the conference, has been anything other than completely enthusiastic about playing," MSU athletic director Bill Beekman told reporters Wednesday afternoon.

"That's from my perspective as the athletic director, Coach Tucker's perspective, and President Stanley's perspective."

The Spartan head coach spoke to reporters last week, confirming he was "looking forward to getting back out on the grass with our guys."

"We've always said to the beginning that we wanted to play in the worst way, but we wanted to make sure that the safety and well-being of our student-athletes, staff, and administrators were at the forefront," Tucker said.

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B1G Ball Buster1
B1G Ball Buster1

media is always making up crap


I thought the headline said that MSU wouldn’t participate in the CFP (playoffs) and I was like “that is right.....Do they realize it is not an invite to the final four in football, rather you have to earn it?” And this team ain’t winning more that three games this yeah, you won’t be playing in the CFP

WF Sparty
WF Sparty

For Dan Patrick to get this wrong is really surprising. Go Green!!!

B1G Ball Buster1
B1G Ball Buster1

95% of the media are just liars anyways fake news


This is why Spartan is so well liked, it’s honest media. Thanks McLain