Spartan Football Quarterback Brian Lewerke Talks Michigan Wolverines

Hondo S. Carpenter

Tom & Lupe Izzo Media Center

Spartan Stadium

East Lansing, MI

The Michigan State Spartan Football program is not having a good season, but a win on Saturay in Ann Arbor could go a long way in fixing that. The above video is QB Brian Lewerke today talking about the game.

Mark Dantonio said of ths week:

Disappointed with last week's game. Want to basically get on to the next thing but we need to finish. Turnovers hurt us. Put us behind the 8-ball a little bit, need to be able to respond.

It's Michigan week this week. Have to put that behind us and move forward. Got to have one focus as we move. We played well down there in the past. They have an outstanding program. I think when you look at them right now, you look at their defense, probably a Top 15 defense. Do a great job, what I call running the sled, getting their feet, being disruptive and getting their feet into people and running people back, so we have to be able to pass protect

As far as running the football, same type of thing. Have to be able to run it some. Can't turn the football over in a rivalry game. I think that's been our thing that we've got to be able to deal with more effectively. On the offensive side of the ball, you have four offensive linemen back. They are young at the running back position, experienced at the wide receiver position and quarterback position. They make some plays, create some loose plays with the quarterback, play well on special teams, well-coached football team.

So got to compete daily. Got to move forward here. It's a rivalry game. It's good for college football. It's good for the state. I've said many, many times over the course of time here that got to measure up in this football game. You're Green or you're Blue in this state for the most part, and this crosses families and everything involved with it. I'll take some questions and we'll go from there.

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