Spartan Great Dan Enos Prepares for the Spartans as the Chips Head Man!

Spencer Turkin

Spartan football great Dan Enos bleeds Green and White. Even after his time in pads, he often reflects on his time in East Lansing as a player, especially his 1990 Big Ten
Championship. Now, Enos has Maroon and Gold in his heart as well because he is the Head Coach of the Central Michigan Chippewa’s.

This year, the fans in Mount Pleasant will have a marquee matchup in their own backyard when the Enos will send his boys out on to the gridiron to lineup against his alma mater.

“I think it’s great for our kids, our program and CMU in general to play Michigan State, it’s a great game and to have them come to us is great for our campus,” said Enos. “It
gets difficult for me having to compete against Coach Dantonio and all of those assistants on a personal level. It is also going to be fun. I have a ton of respect for Coach Dantonio and his staff and everything they have accomplished there.”

The lifeblood of any program, whether it is in or out of sports, is recruiting.  Enos is known as one of the best recruiters in college football. He is hoping that his eye for talent can help rejuvenate the Chippewa’s program.

“When people want to talk about who is a good recruiter, they usually talk about someone who is a smooth-talking guy,” explained Enos. “I think the number one thing to being a good recruiter is being a good evaluator. You have to be able to start recruiting the right people and I think that comes from your process and what your staff does every day. We recruit everyday.”

Enos understands that recruiting to a MAC school is different compared to a BCS school. He believes it’s about getting the right kid.

“You have to know what you need,” said Enos. “At all the different schools I’ve worked at, the academics are different, the communities are different so you have to go out and recruit the guys who are going to make it both academically and socially at your school as well as athletically.

One of Enos’s mentors at Michigan State was his Quarterback Coach, Morris Watts. Their relationship started as teacher and pupil. Now it is boss and employee, with Enos serving as the superior.

“I don’t know if many people could handle that, but Coach Watts is the ultimate professional,” said Enos. “He is one of the big reasons I got into this business; the relationship I had with him at Michigan State. You want to talk about a guy with character and integrity, he coach me, he pushed me but he was there for me and got to know me as a person and he had a great
impact on my life.”

Enos will always be a Spartan at heart, but come September 8th when he leads his Chippewas out of the tunnel, he will be out to earn the W.