Spartan Nation Welcomes Back S Rod Jenrette

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Chicago, Illinois

Spartan Nation Welcomes Back S Rod Jenrette


The details as to why Rod Jenrette was asked to leave the Spartan football team last fall aren’t important. What is important is that he did all that was asked of him and as the Spartans open Big Ten Media Week today here in Chicago, Jenrette is back on the Spartan roster.


Jenrette had one of the most impressive off-seasons doing both football and non-football things to earn his way back onto the team. Jenrette is a powerful, hard-hitting safety and will be expected to immediately compete with Danny Fortener and Marcus Hyde for a starting spot.


One of Jenrette’s teammates describes his transformation over the last year with being off the team officially, “He is not even the same guy. You can’t help but root for him.” Jenrette’s presence is a good thing for the Spartans and defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi. Fortener had a very good season in 2008 and with Jenrette back, the Spartans could very well now have one of the best groups of safeties in the Big Ten.


Jenrette instills fear in opponents with his ability to step up in run and pass situations and deliver the bone jarring hits that make people take notice. I root for young men that get second chances and take full advantage of them. I applaud the staff for making a return possible and Jenrette for doing all that was asked of him.


It is only 40 days to kickoff! We will have full coverage of Big Ten football Media Days here in Chicago, so stay tuned to Spartan Nation for more.