The Good, The Bad & The Ugly With Michigan State Football

Hondo S. Carpenter

East Lansing, MI

It was a brutal loss by the score of 34-10 that saw the Michigan State Spartans fall out of the top 25 in a loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes.  The numbers don't lie.

Spartan Nation long-time contributor Coach Chuck Grenier stops by for his weekly visit talking the Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Michigan State Football.  We go over all the topics the fans are talking about.

The Spartan defense started strong, but with an anemic offense that had two turnovers in their first two drives and multiple three and outs, so they got worn down and exhausted.  

The Spartans had only 67 rushing yards while giving up 323 yards to the Buckeyes.  Passing the ball MSU 218 yards compared to 208 for Ohio State.

All in all the Spartans gave up an astounding 529 yards to the Buckeyes while only garnering 285 for themselves.  The Spartans field goal kicking remains a massive concern and good teams are judged by the marker of a 50% third-down conversion rate.  The Buckeyes were eight of 15 (Over 50%) while the Spartans were an atrocious four of 13.  Way under the 50% magical number.

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