The Good, The Bad &  Ugly With Michigan State Football

Hondo S. Carpenter

After the 2019 season thankfully came to an end in New York City at the Pinstripe Bowl, all the attention inside Spartan football got focused. Focused on fixing the myriad of problems facing the once-dominant program.

Dantonio talked about the future in New York after the bowl game. He said, "I'm always excited about the future, to be honest with you. I always look forward to the next challenge, the next goal in your life, bringing people with you. "

He went on to add, "I think that's something that you always do. I think that's a natural progression for every football coach or every CEO maybe in the country: What's next."

He also said, "I keep talking to our players about, What is next? How do you handle your challenges coming down the road for you? That's how we'll spring forward. That's always how we've done it."

So while the Spartan Nation waits to find out what changes Mark Dantonio will make to his staff, he has gone about recruiting and checking the transfer portal for any fresh talent he can find to help fix the problems.

In the above video we are joined by long time Spartan Nation contributor the great coach Chuck Grenier.

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The discussion points are on target. Spartan football made great strides under Coach Dantonio. Coaching today is more difficult than ever, however Coach Saban made a good point in a recent comment about adapting to changes to maintain relevancy. Coach Dantonio will always have my respect for what he accomplished. I just don't want to see what happened to legacy Coach Bobby Bowden, towards the end of his career, happen to Coach Dantonio. Time will tell.