Instant Reaction:  Spartans Embarrassed by Superior Badger Team!

Hondo S. Carpenter

Instant Reaction: Spartans Embarrassed by Superior Badger Team!

Camp Randall Stadium

Madison, WI

The Michigan State Spartans came into this game today knowing their season was teetering on spiraling out of control.  Their head coach, Mark Dantonio, has said that he judges a season as a success based on being competitive for a Big Ten title.  The jury is out, they are not successful and NOT competitive for a Big Ten title.

After years of an offense digressing, Dantonio with an AD in Bill Beekman who would give him whatever he wanted, kept that staff.  They still are failing.

The Spartans have faced three top 25 teams this season and promptly lost to all three, unable to score.  It is hard to watch from a coach that has done so much more MSU.

Spartan Nation is headed to the post-game press conference right now, where we promise to ask Dantonio the tough, but fair questions about his anemic offense.  Clearly unacceptable, and unable and almost certainly unwilling to just fire the staff, what does Dantonio do to fix it?  What is next for the Spartans head man?

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Unbelievable!! What's next.... Narduzzi