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Eagles Can’t Fly the Coop for Patriot Love

Whether or not the Boston College fans were staying home to root on the history-making Patriots or they were lethargic in their lament of an ‘inferior’ bowl game, the Eagles did not leave the nest.

Walking only half-way around the stadium it was more than evident that the Spartan fans may end up outnumbering the Eagles by a solid two-to-one, if not three-to-one. The faces were donned in green, the hair was spiked straight North, and the sweet smell of Spartan victory was already lingering with the jerk chicken two hours before kick-off.

The overwhelming feeling around ‘those in the know’ is that this same lack of interest by the fans in the game may be pervasive among the team members. Disappointment in the bowl selection, or non-selection as it were, and the sense that very few back home care about the game may be divisive and deciding factors in today’s game.