CMU’s Dan Bazuin making noise in INDY

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CMU’s Dan Bazuin making noise in INDY

As many NFL teams covet a powerful DE prospect they are looking more and more towards Mount Pleasant and Dan Bazuin. The big kid from McBain Michigan is powerful and fast.Â

As I said earlier the Lions really like this young man and I would expect them to take him if he is still available with their second pick and if Willis is not available. I asked him what he would think of being a Lion. “I would love that. They are my childhood team and that would be a dream come true.Â

I also asked him about the opportunity for he and Joe Staley to be two first round picks from CMU in the same draft. “That makes a real statement about our program and of course coach Kelly and the great job that he and the staff did. I think it really tells people about our program and how strong it really was.”

For both to be first rounders that would be extraordinary but would cost the Lions Bazuin, unless they moved up with their second pick.