This Weeks Ticket Machine Ticket Winner!

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This weeks Ticket Machine winner of two Tigers tickets courtesy of our friends at the Ticket Machine is a man named Martin. Here is his email:


Dear Hondo,

I would love to win the two Tigers tickets. My dad was in Iraq and recently returned home. He has had a tough time getting used to being home and I would like to take him to a game. He is a good guy and used to go to Tigers games with my Grandpa before he left for war. Grandpa passed while dad was away and I think it would make him feel better.


 Martin age 12.


Thanks to Martin gets to take his Dad to a Tigers game.  If you need tickets to any even in the nation, anywhere make sure you use or call 888-887-4411 or 517-655-3201. Remember if you need tickets to anything and anywhere, use The Ticket Machine. They are great sponsors of this site keeping it free of charge.


If you would like to be this week’s ticket winner, email me and tell me why you want to win and who you want to take and we will put all emails in a hat and pick one.


Thanks again to Martin’s dad and The Ticket Machine.