Ben Wallace "OUT" in Detroit

Hondo S. Carpenter

Speaking to two sources today, seperate of each other have both told me that they feel the Pistons will not resign center Ben Wallace. Either not signing Ben or a sign and trade are the two options.

"I think that Joe sees some kinks and thinks he has to get more offense in the lineup" said one source. "I think that hiring Tellem sent the message to Joe and I know they wont give him max money" said the other source.

Both sources tell me what we all know that Joe is not afraid of not making a deal, as much as he is not afraid to make one.

Look for more from Spartan Nation as the story developes. Please remember that you read it here first on Spartan Nation. I will have more as the story developes. Hopefully Ben and Joe can work this out but it looks bleak.

The Pistons will offer 4 years for 48 million on Friday and the Bulls will sign him for 4 years and 60 million.


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