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Big New Addition Coming To

Thank You to all of you that have helped making what it is today. As of 6:08 am this morning we have had our biggest month ever. With eight days to go! The growth is a testimony to the love that the Spartan Nation has for it's teams.


At 5 pm on Sunday evening we are adding yet another feature to the site. It was one to be honest that we have been resisting for some time. You people kept asking for it and we will unveil it on Sunday.


We started really as a site that was more as an aggregate of information. We then started adding more articles and self generated information and finally we added video. All of it has always been free and it always will remain that way.

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We are very excited for Sunday and we want to thank all of you that have made Spartan Nation your home page, or placed it on your favorites list. Thanks for telling your friends and making it a part of your Internet surfing schedule.


I love the Spartan Nation and what it means. This new feature is yet another way for Spartans to enjoy all that is the Spartan Nation and another way in this economy to do it and not have to yet again pay for it.


We look forward to continuing the growth of this site and all the credit goes to you. Thanks everyone and we will see you on Sunday evening!