Blowout to Beatdown

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After getting annihilated by Washtenaw Christian Academy, Will Carleton Academy came back and played a heck of a game and decidedly beat Rudolf Steiner School. Kudos to the boys and their coach Matt Dube for flipping it around and not letting that defeat ruin their season. Heck, the team is 3-1 right now!

Leading the charge were Nic York and Nathan Sorrell in the 70-53 victory.  York put up 27 points and had 11 steals. Sorrell had four 3 point shots for 12 of his 26 points and five rebounds.  “We played very well tonight and we were able to get out and run and force them to play transition defense,” Cougars head coach Matt Dube said. “Nic York and Nathan Sorrell were tremendous.”

Thanks to James for making sure I knew about this!