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BREAKING LIONS NEWS: Lions make their decision on what player they will pick!

In breaking news, the Lions today spent most of the day in meetings and here is what they have decided. If Calvin Johnson is on the board when they pick, they will select him.Â

As I told you early this morning this was the way they were leaning but now sources close to the situation confirm it. The Lions will deal the actual pick or Johnson himself (if they have already selected him) if someone offers them a huge deal such as the Giants and the Chargers for Eli Manning. An example of a deal that the Lions would take would be what I reported earlier today from the Bucs. Here is is again.

The Lions have informed the Bucs that they can have the pick in exchange for the Bucs first round pick (#4 overall) as well as both of their second rounders and Brian Kelly the CB.

Again, if no one offers a huge deal then the Lions are convinced that Calvin Johnson offers them the best way to improve their team and will keep him. If the Raiders select Calvin Johnson then please read my post from this morning.

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For the reasonings of why CJ will make this team better please read this mornings post.