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Cavs' guard Hughes leaves team after death of brother

Cavs' guard Hughes leaves team after death of brother

By Justin Mangan


Cleveland Cavaliers guard, Larry Hughes younger brother died early Thursday morning. The twenty-year-old Justin was born with a heart defect while having a heart transplant 10 years ago. Throughout Justin’s' life, he constantly had problems while battling the heart defect. Larry left the team yesterday to be with his family in St. Louis. Time will only show what affect the loss of Hughes brother will have on the Cavaliers and their locker room. So far a timetable has yet to be determined as to when Hughes will return to the Cavaliers, as basketball should be the furthest thing from Hughes mind.


Cleveland, who trails the Pistons 2-0 in the Eastern Conference semifinals, is set to play Game 3 in Cleveland on Saturday. The Cavs' now appear to be in even greater trouble with Hughes out, allowing the Pistons to focus more on LeBron James. With know one to help take the load of James; frustration could set in rather quickly. Whether the star guard appears with the team on Saturday, the loss of Hughes brother may have great effects on the team’s performance on the court. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Larry Hughes and his family, as they are dealing with a difficult loss. 

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