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  • The Lions practiced on the indoor field in helmets and shorts today at the team headquarters and training facility in Allen Park. The team is scheduled to work out on Thursday and then will be off until Monday, October 30.
  • The team annouced today that they have signed WR Glenn Martinez to the practice squad. Martinez spent the 2006 preseason with the Lions and was released September 3. He first joined the team January 10, 2005 and was allocated by Detroit to the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe.

Opening statement: "Injury wise I think we're fine. We should be getting a few guys back this week. (Rex) Tucker, (Ross) Verba was running around a lot today; Teddy (Lehman) was running around good today. We got a lot of running in, just a lot of teaching. We're trying to get a lot of corrections and move forward."

On what the offensive line will be now with T Rex Tucker and G Ross Verba back: "We're going to look at (Barry) Stokes who has a chance to go in; we're going to take a look at him during the week also. We got Blaine (Saipaia) and 'Mully' (Rick DeMulling). So, we'll have the chance to work this week and then Stokes has got the ability to play all the spots."

On if he feels comfortable with G Rick DeMulling on either side of the line: "He can do the right side, he has the ability to play center (and) left guard. So, we're just kind of going to put that group together (and) finish up a little bit tomorrow and then we get that bonus day on Monday, that'll be a good physical practice for us, so we can see where everybody's at."

On how he was worried that if they cut WR Shaun Bodiford then they would lose him: "I was worried if we did - yes - and we did."

On why he cut Bodiford: "Well, we liked (Devale) Ellis a lot too. We liked them both. The issue was getting a fullback up; we had no fullback for the game. So, somebody on the team had to (go)."

On the decision between Bodiford and WR Devale Ellis: "We really thought - we liked them both a lot. They both are fast. Ellis has been doing very well in practice recently, so has Bodiford. We just looked at him and he's been exceptional. It's brutal."

On the lineup at the linebacker position and if he'll rotate the guys: "Oh yeah, yeah. One thing I'm really excited about is it's really going to upgrade our kicking (coverage) too. We have fresher guys, more guys in to our kicking game and these guys won't have to take quite as many snaps. Alex (Lewis) back up and you get Teddy (Lehman) in the rotation and Paris (Lenon), Boss (Bailey) and Ernie (Sims). That part I'm really excited about."

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On how LB Ernie Sims will play and not be rotated for: "He'll play a lot; but, we're playing him - to me - too much. He goes so hard (and) so fast, every down and then he gets in the kicking game and he does the same exact thing - they all do, you wear down. He's had some games where he's gotten seventy some snaps and that's full speed and kicking and everything. So, if you can pull him back a little bit and freshen him up - now he's really explosive, especially if you've got quality depth. It's like down guys, if you have the luxury of rotating those guys, you get more explosion up the field."

On if the guys coming in this week to work-out are part of his short list: "They (Personnel Department) brought them in; we bring a lot of guys in. We take a look, see the men that are out there and work them out just so you know where everybody's at."

On if he anticipates any moves with P Nick Harris: "No."

On when he looks at the punter how important is his role as a holder: "It's big and I look at the punter as field position - massive field position. He's had an excellent past in it, had a big one for us last week; but, no, we like the punter."

On what he's planning on doing during the time off: "Let me get through tomorrow first (laughing). A lot of times you don't finish stuff up, so I got to make sure all of a sudden - 'I can be here, oh no, I have to finish that up' - usually I see what the work load is at the end of the fourth day."

On if he has an update on DT Shaun Rogers' surgery: "Yeah, it went well. He's doing his rehab down there and I think Al (Bellamy) is going to have a chance to go down there to see him."

On if he's been in touch by phone: "Yeah, he's in contact (from) Texas."

On LB Teddy Lehman: "Yeah he's been out working out good today and so we're getting him ready to go and Monday we're going to be able to get ourselves in full pads. All these guys should be fairly healthy and we should start to be able to get some good quality work in. He needs to get into pads; he hasn't been in them in so long."