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Donovan Belongs in the NCAA

This past week, Billy Donovan signed a five-year contract with the Orlando Magic for $27.5 million. Over the weekend, Donovan began to have second thoughts. I honestly did not know that was possible. Aren’t you supposed to think things over before you sign the contract? Well, that aside, I think it would be the right decision for Donovan to return to the University of Florida and coach there.

NCAA coaches normally don’t make it in the NBA and it’s not because they are bad coaches. It’s just not the same type of coaching as the NCAA. For example, let’s take a look at MSU’s coach Tom Izzo. Everyone who’s watched a MSU game knows Izzo is not afraid to yell at one of his players. Do you honestly think that if he were the head coach of the Detroit Pistons that Rasheed Wallace would take the same treatment that Marquise Gray does? I don’t think so!

I don’t agree with the fact that Donovan agreed to coach the Orlando Magic and signed the contract and EVERYTHING and now he’s having doubts but it’s better to have doubts now than in the middle of the season, right? In the end, only Donovan knows what’s best for him and that holds true for all NCAA coaches who think about making the jump to the NCAA except for one person…MSU’s head coach Tom Izzo…he’s right where he belongs. This year’s team is going to be sweet and I cannot wait until November when basketball season starts because the season is going to be UNBELIEVABLE.

As for Donovan, go back to Florida…the NBA would eat you alive.

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