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Please remember that to subscribe to the magazine it is FREE and that we encourage you to not only sign up, but to also tell all your friends. We WILL NOT sell your information! Here is how you do it:

Please email us this information using the example below:

Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr Spartan Fan

1234 Banks of the Red Cedar Way

East Lansing, MI 12345

You can click on the EMAIL Hondo link on the main page of or send it here:Â

Please only subscribe one person per email, although multiple addresses from an email address are fine. Please remember that we WILL NOT at this time be sending magazines outside the US (due to cost) unless you are a member of the US Military or working on behalf of the US Government. Please check and make sure that all information is correct, as it is sent to you free, but we do have to pay for it. Wrong addresses given to us from an email address will make ALL addresses from that email address void.

Very soon it will be available as a PDF if you wish, but at the beginning while we are still working on final design and other technical issues, it will only be in mail form. Please remember that all content of the magazine is exclusive and will not be posted on the web.

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