Giants, Arrington get "the deal done."

Hondo S. Carpenter

LaVar Arrington has reached a deal with the New York Giants today. Earlier there was speculation, but my source with the Giants just confirmed that "the deal is done." Arrington did well in his physical and he gets what he wanted badly: a chance to regularly play Dan Snyder and the "Skins."

It is a seven year deal (with all the options) and addresses all the financial desires he wished for. LaVar is a great guy that I have met a few times and I am very pleased for both him and his family. Arrington paid $4 million out of his own pocket to the Redskins to get out of D.C. The issue was not with Gibbs, the long respected and admired Coach, it is with Dan Snyder who Arrington despises, I am told. 

My Giant source said, "We are so pleased to have a player with that football character on and off the field. He will fit in well with this team, he is a great field, locker room and community guy. We love this guy and couldn't be happier." Props to the Giants!


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