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GODell punishes Pats but it certainly isn't as tough as he has been on the players!

GODell fines the Hoodie 500K and the team 250K and essentially they lose a first round pick. Well Hoodie is worth and makes millions so that doesn't matter and the owner is worth more ,so a cool 250K is a tip. (or a free Super Bowl ring to Vladimir Putin) As far as losing a first round pick, they have two and with free agency and players desire to play for less with the Pats this is essentially a slap. The NFLPA will probably not fight this considering they roll over and play fetch for the NFL but the should. At least the players should. They get suspended for "performance enhancing use" and the Hoodie gets a slap. This is a crock! GODell should have:

GODell should have:Suspended Hoodie for one year (12 months) and not allowed to do anything for or with the organization at all including getting paid.

Take away both first round draft picks in 2008.

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Fined Kraft $1 million!

Forfeit Jets win from Sunday.