Happy Easter to All of You!

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Happy Easter to All of You!

For those of you, like me, that celebrate the significance of this day as the foundation of your faith and those that do not:Â Happy Easter!

I hope that in whatever way that you enjoy this holiday, that you have a blessed and wonderful time. What an extra gift for the Spartan Nation knowing we are headed to the Sweet Sixteen.

Today is special. So many people think of their faith symbolized of Christ on a cross. I have often maintained that it is an empty tomb that carries the real significance of the day. Had he not risen from the dead, his death would have been meaningless.

The only request I have of you today is to take time and offer a special prayer for our soldiers and their families that are not together. They and their families make the largest sacrifice because even if they wanted to, they couldn’t be together to celebrate in whatever way they should choose.