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Happy Memorial day to you all!

Spartan Nation throws out a big Happy Memorial day to all our readers. Over 12,000 different people come to Spartan Nation in a 7-day period. We don’t have adds on purpose. Without the incessant pop ups and adds that can make visiting a lot of sites terrible we think it is more enjoyable to come here and read opinions. Sports is about opinions. You have yours we have ours and the discussion is what makes our love of sports so important to our lives. We want this to be a site that people can go to for all their sports, with a green tint, or at least a MSU tint when it comes to college.

We understand the sacrifice that those living and dead have made in the armed forces and just want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.


The Spartan Nation Staff

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Caleb, Eric, Justin, Matt, Ally, Erin, Heather, Ryan, Jeff and of course Hondo.