Happy Thanksgiving Sparta Nation!

Hondo S. Carpenter
What a moving picture.  May God protect our wonderful United States Military and their family.
What a moving picture. May God protect our wonderful United States Military and their family.

The very first Thanksgiving feast was celebrated by some amazing human beings in 1621. It was celebrated by 52 pilgrims and 50 American Indians. Those are undisputed facts.

In today's politically correct world, evil people (those driven by idealism rather than truth) attempt to hijack our history and replace it with politically correct ideology. While many try to massacre the legacy of our great nation, we must stand vigilante to remind people of the truth: America is a great nation given as a gift from God. She is a symbol of freedom the world over.

America was founded by people wishing to escape the tyranny of England and a class system that regulated people to a certain place regardless of work ethic, drive dedication, and character. People who wanted to worship God free from the influence of the state and a group of rugged individualists who sewed those early seeds for the greatest nation on earth: The United States of America.

America led the way as the first nation on earth that set aside a day to say thank you to each other and our creator. Think about this, our amazing forefathers, all 102 of the pilgrims and American Indians stopped to feast and thank each other and God. What an amazing legacy.

They are the ones who gave birth to American Exceptionalism and despite those who try to redefine the truth, never forget that this nation stands as a beacon to the world of hope. While some try to constantly trash this great nation and redefine the truth of her history, why do millions want to come here by any means while internally some trash her? Because the world knows the truth and so do Americans.

Why are those internally in our nation who despise her get so angry at those that remind others of the truth? Because they know we are correct. Why do so many of those that cry for free speech want those that declare American Exceptionalism silenced? Because they speak the truth and they are an inconvenience to their political agenda.

God Bless America. Thanks be to God of this great nation, the patriots who have risked their lives defending and protecting her and thank you to the American people who despite others best effort to destroy us, understand that America is more than a country, it is an ideal. America, not the on redefined by the politically motivated, but the nation herself will never cease being what we are as long as the American ideal remains alive in our hearts and we maintain vigilance in defending her character.

America is not republican or democrat. She is not black, white, brown, yellow or red. She is not one religion, or any religion, but simply a promise that the State is not in the church, being part of those religions. She is surmised in only one word: America. She is on her own more than a geographic location on a planet known as earth; she is an ideal, a dream a vision. She is alive and vibrant.
America is not perfect, but she stands for more than any one man or woman, political party or ideal. We must never cease striving perfection, but our imperfection does not equal failure.

She is a force for freedom and a driving force for good. She will only cease in this grand effort of American Exceptionalism if we as Americans allow her to. Bad things happen when good people remain silent. We must never cease in loving, improving and defending this nation. There are many things that make American’s different, but that does not make us fractured. It is that unique set of qualities that make us great. ONLY when we allow ourselves to be fractured by our differences and those who politically benefit from that fracturing do we fail as a nation.

God bless you, and God Bless America! Thank you to my countrymen and thank you to Almighty God for this amazing gift of a nation founded by those amazing forefathers back at the very first Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!