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The NFL and the NFLPA have agreed in principle to a deal. Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has signed off on the deal, and tomorrow in Dallas, he has to get ratification from the owners. This is absolutely a sign of Tagliabue's power. If he wins, it will clearly demonstrate that he is the authority figure in the NFL. If it does not pass, DO NOT blame the players, it means that a few owners (read the ones that can't stay out of the camera's way) are willing to sabotage the league for their own gains. This will not be good for the NFL.

If this does not pass the owners and the NFL will do all they can to blame the players, and as you saw with the hockey lockout, I am not a players guy. I am however completely, 100% behind the players on this one and don't buy the NFL propaganda on this.

My sources who told me about this deal and who have been 100% accurate so far, told me that they see this as a 60-40 situation in favor for the deal getting approved. I will keep you updated as my sources that are very close to the situation up date me.