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Lions Mike Williams to get "significant" playing time this weekend

Well the time is finally here for the Lions embattled WR Mike Williams to show what he's got. He has been activated for the last few games but hasn't had any significant playing time. Now sources from the Lions team as well as another team that is close to a Lions coach told me: "you will see significant snaps out of Williams this week."Â


One current NFL player that has played on a Marinelli team before gave me this insight on what the coach was doing with Mike: "coach don't care about today, he looks in the big picture. He wants Williams to not practice good one week and get to play and then come back and bench him next week. He wants Mike to be an All Pro every year and he wants him to learn you have got to practice that way all the time. Mike may play like he don't know but he do. He knows that coach want him to give it all the time and I can tell you this. If Mike gets it, he will end up loving Marinelli as a man that made is career. If he don't he will be like Charles with no team." This highly regarded NFL player went on to say, "look what he did with Warren. Marinelli is a genius."Â

  I have continually pounded the drum that this is not a Super Bowl team but it is improved and I am telling you people that this is a team on the road to success.  

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