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Lions vs. Vikings - Week 9

It was a nice typical mid-western fall day. Most of the leaves in Minneapolis already on the ground sat next to the hope of the Detroit Lions faithful. Steve Mariucci’s team was in trouble already facing a rejuvenated Vikings team. Mooch decided that Glen Martinez was better than Charles Rogers (that was absurd), and with that bit of information before the game, I knew it was over.

Mooch has surrounded himself with his cronies and has made questionable, at best, decisions for his entire tenure. The Rogers move simply made it abundantly clear that he is clueless. Roy Williams was as soft as a slurpee left out in the eighty-five degree summer heat, and he couldn’t find room for Rogers with his job clearly on the line.

The game plan proved just as pathetic as in previous games, as well as quarterbacks, and the pressure is mounting. A divided locker room is now what we have in Detroit. We have players who are off the record questioning the coaches and other teammates, and the Lions are spiraling like the Spartans.

Today’s loss was a catastrophe and should not have happened. I will have another article this week, but I will break one morsel here: pending the miracle of a playoff saving drive, Mooch is done.

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Offense: F
Defense: B- 2 TD’s the fault of turnovers from the offense in the red zones.
Special Teams: F Pathetic!
Coaching: F just an absolute nightmare.