Lions WR Roy Williams to the Cowboys?

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I have been telling you all for months that he wants to be a Cowboy. I also have told you that they want him. I was also the one to break the story that the Lions had decided to use the Franchise Tag on him.*

Now Roy is talking and evidently the Lions have told him.  I do KNOW FOR A FACT that he wants to be a Cowboy and that the Cowboys still want him. I also know that the Lions are not even listening when called. 

*I have gotten about 100 emails on this. I broke the story (look in the archives) a few weeks ago that the Lions had made the choice to franchise him next season when he became a free agent. Previous to that, thinking in Allen Park was, "We shall see, but we doubt we would use the tag." That changed a few weeks ago. So they have not applied it as of yet, they can't. They will however next season if a long term deal is not reached.*