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Marinelli Transcript After Practice on Wednesday

On having music playing during practice: "It's been out here before. Do you guys really have cotton in your ear or what? It was just a little music before (the practice), to loosen them up."

On whether it's typical for players to get feisty with each other at this point in camp: "Oh I think so."

On if the feistiness bothers him: "It does, because I don't want penalties - (I want) self control."

On if guys were just trying to protect their own guys: "There's no doubt. That's what you like in terms… I don't like the extracurricular, I don't want that. But I understand guys standing up for each other. But, we'll be a good team if we don't have penalties; (if) we're smart, we're tough, we're physical, and we don't make mistakes. That's what I want."

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On if TE Casey (FitzSimmons) got the wind out of him: "I think he got poked in the eye."

On the adjustments DE Ikaika Alama-Francis has made from last year to this year: "I think he's just starting to come off the ball consistently a little bit better. When he does that, he's going to be okay. His foot work is getting a little bit better, and then all of a sudden he'll stand up. But it's just the consistency in that position down in and down out - you just got to be on it. And he's getting a little bit better."

On whether DE Ikaika Alama-Francis struggled as a rookie while making the adjustment to Detroit from Hawaii: "If it is, it's an excuse - which I'm not real fond of."