Mooch excited about the MSU job?

Hondo S. Carpenter

Mooch excited about the MSU job?

That I cannot say. What I can say is that he is not denying interest to anyone about it. Once source at the NFL network told me that yesterday “he was getting a kick out of giving Eisen (a UM grad) crap. What was really funny was that he was doin it off camera as well and that to me meant it was more then a PR move."

“He wouldn’t tell us yes or no,” said a source and he went on to say “that would lead me to believe that he has interest. I think that it is more about his wife and family going back up north. He loves MSU and loves Izzo it is a perfect fit.”

Now let me tell all you people who write me and complain that I am not endorsing anyone I talk about. You all are great fans and contrary to what SOME of my colleagues think you’re not stupid and you don’t need me to tell you who should get it. I only report the names that I am hearing and work to get the most information as possible for you. Would I love to be first to report it? Sure, but I would rather be accurate then first a trait that sometimes is lacking in my profession.

It is still very clear to me and I have made many phone calls already this morning that at this point (and we know things change) it is Mooch’s job if he wants it. The search again is very methodical and being done right. When it is over I will give you some great behind the scenes things that will really make you all proud. The University has stepped up and done this right.Â

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