More shocking breaking Lions news about Kevin Curtis:

Hondo S. Carpenter

More shocking breaking Lions news about Kevin Curtis:  Â

Kevin Curtis left the Lions Allen Park facility today (for a second time) not having signed a deal. He left about 3:10 p.m.

Kevin Curtis, the WR from the Rams according to two sources from two different NFL teams has fired his agent Tom Condon. Condon is one of the most respected agents in the NFL he once was named the most powerful agent in football by Sporting News.

Sources close to the situation believed Condon wanted Curtis to maximize this off season’s NFL free agency by seeking more money then the Lions were offering. While Curtis wanted to be a Lion, according to both sources.

Due to NFL/NFLPA rules, when a player terminates an agent he can’t sign with an NFL team for five days if he employs another agent.  If Curtis wants to be a Lion then hiring another agent would not be logical. If he already has a deal on the table from the Lions (which he does) but still wants an agent to check it, it is expected that when those five days are up that Curtis will be a Lion.

According to a source close to the NFLPA, “most players understand the rule about waiting five days if they hire a new agent. I sincerely doubt however that most players know they can sign with a NFL team if they do not employ a new agent immediately.”As stated before, Condon is one of the best in the business and this would be a shocker.

Stay tuned Lions fans this is getting real interesting.


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