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NFL considering J.C. Watts to be Tagliabue's successor.

While the NFL ponders like without current big wig Paul Tagliabue, one name that I have now had given to me by three sources close to the NFL is J.C. Watts. Watt's is the former conservative congressman from Oklahoma but more importantly the former QB of OU.
I am not implying by any idea at all that it is even close to done. I will say that my source told me that it is a handful of people that are "vetting" the candidates and that among that small group they like him. Those same sources and one close to Watts tell me that he is interested and that he would for sure welcome any overtures. He is "deeply" committed to his family, but if it could work he would love it. Another Oklahoman being talked about is Steve Largent. He needs no introduction. My sources however are clear that if there is a "front runner" and they as well as me use that loosely, it is Watts.
Watts would be a magnificent choice. I have spent time with both he and Largent and I think they both would be superb. If I had a vote and anyone cared, (I don't and they don't) I would go with the dynamic Watts.

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