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Nick Walker steps to the plate as a first time guest author, talking about: The NBA Show!

The NBA Show

Amidst allegations of one of the NBA’s own being in a crime ring of illegal gambling, the executives of the National Basketball Association are faced with severe options on how to retain their fans. As the circus surrounding this obscene story comes full circle, will the outcome affect how the game is played, and more importantly, will anyone care to watch?
The scandal combined with a lackluster finish to the season, the poor images of the dominant superstars, and the occasional on-court frays will force basketball fans to ponder if the soap opera of the NBA is still must-see TV. One can argue that the climax of the NBA finals, the finale of the season, was about a high profile member in crowd and her wedding plans. All this shows is that perhaps the most popular star of the show in Lebron James, may not be the protagonist we were hoping for. He and his costars, fellow NBA players, face an uphill battle against perhaps an invincible foe that is not on the court.
Talk about your cliffhangers. However, it is possible that this is a setting for a marvelous finale that will leave the crowd wanting more. It’s almost like this could not be scripted any better. Just like a good drama you know the ending before it’s written but it’s the anticipation mixed with emotional involvement combine to make potent recipe. So as we await the fallout, it’s clear that the challenge has been issued. Will the heroes of the NBA walk away triumphant, or will it to fall victim to the evils of the sport? Viewers stay tuned for the next episode.

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