Once Again Thank You Spartan Nation and the Thousands Who Use the Site!

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Once Again Thank You Spartan Nation and the thousands who use it!

 Once again we come back to you and with a humble heart thank you all for the incredible growth of the website ( www.SpartanNation.com ), message board  (The Phalanx Forum), and Spartan Nation Magazine. 

 June was a record month and again we are truly amazed and grateful to all of you. Thanks for not only making the website a daily part of your life and reading the magazine every month, but for telling everyone you know.

 The website and all of the platforms we offer from it are ABSOLUTELY free and will remain that way. The only thing we have ever asked is that each month you tell FIVE people about the site and all we offer and ask them to check it out.

 Thanks to all the people who help with the site and to all of you that are the key parts. You folks make it special and we hope to continue to grow and make it better.

 Again, thank you Spartan Nation!

 Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. and everyone at SpartanNation.com!