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One of you emailed in a prediction for MSU and the Lions. It seems to echo almost everyone's thoughts so here it is:

Lions- the range is from 4 to 8 wins. There are four games that could go either way (Denver, @Arizona, NY Giants and @Green Bay). I'll say that they split those 4 games and end up 6-10. Lions can't run the ball (ask Dantonio if that's important or any football person for that matter). They aren't going to win consistently with a pass-happy offense...might look good some weeks scoring points but it isn't gonna win them ball games. And you saw in preseason game #3 (supposedly the closest thing to the regular season) how a good QB sliced up the Lions defense. Same ole, same ole 6-10.

Spartans- I think they'll be 5-5 heading into the last two games. @Purdue and Penn State could go either way. Again, I'll say a split and MSU is bowling again at 6-6. Successful season and will be good momentum into 08 when I think MSU can really surprise some people in year 2 of Dantonio.

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