Part 2: Spartan Nation NFL Draft Top Twenty Coming This Afternoon!

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This is a unique list that was widely read the first time we printed it. Today it will be updated. Four of my friends who are NFL scouts (or personnel people) agreed to give me their top twenty players at this point of the off season process leading up to the draft. They represent four different teams.Â

I will keep each of their identities confidential as you can imagine that their respective teams wouldn’t appreciate their participation in this endeavor. All I asked from them was that they give me their personal top twenty and why they like them. I weighed all four lists and put them in the appropriate order.

This list is not the order that I think they will be drafted, it is simply four men who get paid to do this for a living and who they think are the best twenty.Â

It was widely recieved last time and I am sure it will be again, later today!