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Pistons say SEE-YA to Carlos Delfino...will anyone really notice? Care?

He was a pick that didn't ever make it and tonight he is a Raptor. Readers of Spartan Nation and viewers of the TV show know that I thought he should have gone last season and said it during this one. This is not a loss but it does give the Pistons a chance to take a look at some other players and maybe steal a surprise.

Personally this shows one of Dumars' many strengths. He is able to recognize when a pick isn't going to make it and his pride won't make him ride the player until it is clearly apparent to everyone, including that blind guy in personnel and even my Mother who thinks Delfino is some fine olive oil from the Middle East. Dumars saw that it wasn't working and shipped his butt.

Read more (link kindly provided by your favorite fat friend Uncle Hondo), but good job Joe D. All GM's screw up, the good ones fix it and you did.

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