Tigers lose to Yankees, but are learning to win.

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The Tigers lost their second game in a row yesterday and it was the first of a four game series against the Yanks.Â

They were tense and that can be understood. One of the things that folks who have never played organized sports don’t understand is that it takes time to learn how to win. The Tigers came into this game whether or not they grasped it as the hunted. In came the mighty Yankees. It takes time to not only win, but to also grasp the pressure and what it takes. They will get it, win or lose the series I am not worried.

A great example of my above statement however is how Bondo pitched “after” he gave up the four runs early. He owned the Yanks. Stay encouraged. I predicted 82 wins and I stand by it. Winning has it’s own kind issues. Albeit good issues, they are issues and this team hasn’t had to learn them in a long time.

They are learning them and so are the fans; a great ride is what it will be for both parties, if they remember to enjoy it.