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T.O. takes his teammates anger to a new level

I wrote yesterday that a source very close to teh Dallas Cwoboy organization informed me that the Tuna was getting tired of T.O. having all these excuses for not practicing. Now it gets hotter.  That same source called me last night (actually early this morning) and told me that his teammates are sick of his me first camera hogging mentality.


He has spent roughly the last 8 practices riding a bike and yesterday he showed up and was wearing a Tour De-France outfit with a bike helmet. "He was just looking for more face time on the camera as usual. We all had out concerns when Jerry brought him in, but this just proves it. It is all about him," said the source. Look for this to get hotter my friends. If this tool does not come in and star from the start, this team will turn on him.

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