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Update on the Lions

A report out of Detroit encourages Lions fans to not expect James Hall to go anywhere in response to the story I broke that the Lions have given him permission to seek a trade. That report is wrong.Â

That same media outlet also implies that the Lions will only let Dre’ Bly go if a team offers the right compensation. Again, that is wrong. In today’s Detroit News Dre’ backs up my report by opening admitting what I already knew and reported:  that the Lions don’t want him.Â

Both of these men, along with Marcus Bell WILL NOT be on the Lions next season no matter what. The Lions are handling this the right way by allowing all three men to leave with dignity, however they are not wanted in Detroit.

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I suggest you print this and check the roster come the 2007 season and see who was right! Here is a hint: I will be.