Update on the MSU Athletic Situation from Last Saturday Night/Sunday AM

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· According to Senior sources in the Michigan State Administration, NO football starters or upper classmen are involved.
· 1 hockey player will be suspended for a game on Friday and one Saturday of this week.
· Mark Dantonio WILL NOT announce ANY suspensions prior to the game on Saturday if there are any.
· Spartan Hockey defenseman AJ Sturges who I reported on Monday at 6 pm was in the hospital at Sparrow in fair condition was released on Tuesday.
· We do know the name of the football player who threw the punch at Sturges. We have been asked not to release his name at this point, because the investigation is still under way and we were asked to withhold that name as it could compromise the investigation.
· There are athletes from track, football and hockey involved.
· MSU athletics has cooperated fully with the ELPD.