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William Clay Ford continues his stellar record of disappointing Lions fans.

William Clay Ford’s induction speech for Charlie Sanders reflects his time as Lions owner and leader: dull!

Charlie Sanders had a great speech and is a great man. He chose much to many people’s surprise to have the Lions owner William Clay Ford present him to the Hall. Sadly the Lions owner (who according to many is a nice man) did a terrible job. Sanders got to watch all of his other classmates get great and moving intros and Ford was unprepared at best and terrible at worst. How sad it was.

The Ford’s leadership of the Lions has been atrocious and sadly he had a real chance to possibly help rebuild that image among the NFL power brokers and fans this weekend. Sadly like the expectations of Lions fans he gave them what he always has, nothing. I really wanted to see him do well. Selfishly as much for Lions fans as anyone I had hoped he would show the nation why the Lions fans are so passionate. He didn’t. Let’s just hope that the Lions on the field don’t give us as poor of a performance on the field as their owner did last night.Â

Sadly Sanders deserved something more from Ford and sadly Ford gave back what he always has as an owner and Lions fans are still wondering what happened. If Ford didn’t want to put in the effort for Sanders, he shouldn’t have done it. Sanders always gave him his best and has always been a very public face on a horrendously under performing owner. Sanders deserved more. Charlie now feels what those of us who haven’t got a check from Ford feel: disappointed.

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