You can make your house, HONDO’S HOUSE!

Hondo S. Carpenter

You can make your house, HONDO’S HOUSE!
All right people this is your chance to win the: You can make your house, HONDO’S HOUSE promotion.

We want to come to one viewer’s home to film and entire episode of Hondo’s House. Here is what you do.


  1. Email me at Spartan Nation or call the Hondo Hotline:Â 517-363-2258!
  2. Let me know why you want to have your house become Hondo’s House.
  3. Make sure you leave your name and phone number.
  4. Everyone will get called and interviewed.
  5. The Hondo’s House staff will narrow down to 2 or possibly 3 (subject to change at our discretion) and then will show the finalists on Hondo’s House and let the viewers pick where we will go.
  6. The winner will not only get to have an episode of Hondo’s House filmed at their house, but also the following great prizes:
  • Two tickets to the 12/24/06 Lions Bears game at Ford Field. These are my personal luxury seat tickets at the 50-yard line. This also includes riding with me to and from the game.
  • Two tickets to an MSU home football game this season, provided by Garn Builders.
  • Free Cottage Inn Pizza.
  • Free food from Zeus’s Coney Island.
  • 2 tickets to Cedar Point!
  • And other prizes!

Don’t miss this chance to have a great time, win lots of awesome prizes and make your house, Hondo’s House! Get your name in NOW! Email us here are Spartan Nation or call the Hondo Hotline at 517-363-2258!



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