MSU 2022 Target, Brody Foley: “(MSU) Great mix of Everything.”

Having over 25 offers so far, 2022 target Brody Foley wants to take advantage of in-person visits to dig deeper into his options.
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Coach Barnett called me up and said, ‘we loved your film and you’re a great player,’” tight end, Brody Foley said.

The 2022 target has over 25 offers, but he found something in common with Michigan State Coach Harlon Barnett; the two are both from Cincinnati. Foley thought that was pretty cool.

“We talked about Cincinnati for a while. It was like a 30-minute conversation,” Foley said.

Foley talked to other MSU coaches too like, Coach Ted Gilmore.

“Earlier this week I talked to Coach Gilmore and he said, ‘we’re gonna keep building this relationship from here on.’ I’m excited to learn about the program,” Foley said.

Building the relationship, Foley is digging deeper into the school.

“It’s a program on the rise; It’s got the rich history. I think it’s interesting because it’s a football school, but it’s great at sports in general. And it’s a great school, so it’s got a great mix of everything. Hopefully, I can get up there soon and check it out,” Foley said.

Visiting the schools before he commits is a big thing for Foley; he knows what he’s looking for, now he’s looking for the right place.

“I’d be the one to take ten official visits if I could but it’s kinda hard. I’m going to make my decision based on the coaching staff and the players. It’s gotta feel like a family. I don’t want to show up to a place and be like this is not what they said it was, and then I’m stuck there for the next four or five years,” Foley said.

So far, Michigan State has been able to show Foley their rich history and their communication skills.

“I think having a strong culture is great. A lot of coaches say they care, but it’s huge when they actually mean it,” Foley said.

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