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Caleb Ducking Lays Claim to 'Duck Waddle' Celebration

Jaylen Waddle's touchdown celebration has caught plenty of attention, but he might not be the one who originally came up with it.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddle has gotten some attention for his "Duck Waddle" touchdown celebration. But despite that and the last name that corresponds with it, he may have not been the first to do it.

Mississippi State wide receiver Caleb Ducking claims that it was him instead of the former Alabama standout.

“I did it first. One of my friends back home gave me the idea because of my last name. I’ve seen Jaylen Waddle do it but it was after,” Ducking said. “It’s fun when you celebrate with your teammates.”

Regardless of who actually came up with it first, one thing that is for certain is that both players have been successful.

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Ducking has emerged after Makai Polk led the wide receiver room before departing to the NFL, currently totaling 21 receptions for 258 yards and five touchdowns over four games in 2022.

He was the team's leading wideout in the 45-14 victory over Bowling Green with seven catches for 96 yards and two touchdowns.

“He kind of flew under the radar and no one was really talking about him this time last year. It’s a prime example of working hard in the offseason,” quarterback Will Rogers said of the pass-catcher who seems to really be coming into his own. “It takes time. It doesn’t matter how good a receiver you were in high school, it takes time to learn the system to catch as many balls as we do.”

It will be interesting to watch how Ducking progresses as the Bulldogs take on the Texas A&M Aggies in Davis Wade Stadium on Saturday.