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Making the Case For College GameDay: Egg Bowl Edition

College GameDay has been known for visiting a few unique, wild environments. Starkville can promise the Egg Bowl will be nothing short of a good time.

Thanksgiving is known for turkey, cranberry sauce, family, and in the State of Mississippi, the Egg Bowl. The Egg Bowl is one of the wildest, most entertaining rivalries in all of sports, as well as, one of the old rivalries in football. Highlighting this on ESPN’s College GameDay would be must-watch TV and it, arguably, would raise the already high intensity level. Yes, it is well known that College GameDay has exclusively been a live Saturday broadcast from the site of a college football game, but it is well past time for a change. Yes, Thursday is Thanksgiving, but that would just add to the incredible uniqueness of a game featuring an egg-shaped trophy.

Other than the idea that College GameDay wouldn’t run on a Thursday, much less Thanksgiving, there are some other challenges that stand in the way. Ohio State and Michigan will play The Game with major playoff implications that following Saturday. 

They seem like the likely destination, though, the world could likely care less. GameDay has already taken trips several Big 10 trips this year, with most of them having disappointing turnouts. Further than the turnout off the field, would Michigan even compete?

Michigan has won just three times since the year 2000. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, also known as Bedlam, will also feature quite the showdown. This game is practically an elimination game for both teams as they vie for a playoff spot, but it does seem unlikely it will matter at this point anyway. Both spots offer their own intrigue, both with national recognition, but neither has a real uniqueness to them. Besides, College GameDay has visited Bedlam and The Game in the last 3 years. The Egg Bowl has never had an appearance from the ESPN hit show, and they haven’t visited Starkville since 2014.

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More than intrigue off the field, the game does have the making of an electric game. Both coaches' teams feature high-flying offenses, and the Egg Bowl has rarely disappointed when it comes to on-the-field antics. Heck, a missed extra point and a leg lift led to Lane Kiffin and Mike Leach after all. Furthermore, the teams will be meeting up as ranked opponents for the first since 2015. Ole Miss features a top 10 rushing attack, while Mississippi State brings in a top 5 passing attack. The teams couldn’t be any more different, and that will make the game just that much more exciting.

College GameDay has visited Mississippi State’s campus just once in the show's history and Ole Miss only twice. Neither environment fell short of any expectations as both campuses put on a show. If anyone thinks the Egg Bowl will disappoint, that’s exactly why it should be the host for College GameDay.