NC State's bowl hopes wouldn't necessarily been saved had its two-point conversion try with 5:17 remaining in Thursday's game at Georgia Tech been successful. But at least they would still have been on life support in a tie game.

Instead, Devin Leary's pass sailed high over tight end Cary Angline's head in the end zone, leaving the Wolfpack two points short and out of luck once the Yellow Jackets ran out the clock.

It was a play that had a chance to work, but as was the case with so many things this season for State, the timing just wasn't right. Here's a look at how the conversion attempt unfolded and why it didn't work:

gt screenshot 0

State lines up in a formation that has wide receiver Tabari Hines coming in motion toward the formation from the far side of the field.

GT screenshot 1

As Hines gets inside of fellow wideout Devin Carter, he turns upfield as the ball is snapped.

GT screenshot 2

When Carter takes his man inside, he creates a pick that allows Hines to get separation from his defender. Leary is looking right at Hines, cocked and ready to throw. If he lets go of the ball now, Hines will be able to walk into the end zone for the two points and the tie.

GT screenshot 3

For whatever reason, Leary holds onto the ball, allowing Hines' man to catch up with him. Now, he's forced to look elsewhere for an open receiver. As he turns to his left, running back Ricky Person Jr. picks up one Tech rusher. But Nickel Christian Campbell is bearing down on the State quarterback from the blind side ready to blow up the play.

GT screenshot 3A

By the time Leary sees Campbell, it's too late and he has to unload the ball as he's hit. ...

GT screenshot 4

Although Angeline has a step on his man and is open in the end zone, Leary's hurried pass sails too far over his head -- which is saying something, since the junior tight end is 6-foot-7 -- for him to make a catch.