Key play breakdown: How did the tight ends get so wide open?

Brett Friedlander

The Wolfpack added a new element into its offense from last week's opener by getting its tight ends more involved in the passing game. Between them Cary Angeline and Dylan Authenreith combined for seven catches. That includes the two longest pass plays of the day -- a 28-yarder to Angeline and a 20-yarder to Authenreith in which both were wide open.

Here's a breakdown in how they got so open:

wcu screen shot 1

Angeline is lined up on the short side of the field, offset from the line on a first-and-10 play from the State 32 late in the first half. Prior to the snap, slot receiver Thayer Thomas (second from the bottom) will come in motion across the formation.

WCU screen shot 2

The play begins with quarterback Matthew McKay looking as though he's going to throw to Thomas in the flat as Angeline (at the 30 yardline) sets up to be a lead blocker.

wcu screenshot 3

Falling for the fake wide receiver screen, the WCU cornerback, safety and linebacker on that side of he field run right past Angeline, who continues downfield as the defenders converge on Thomas.

wcu screen shot 4

By the time the three defenders realize they've been had, it's too late. Angeline is already too far past them to recover.


And all he has to do is catch the ball.

Autenreith screen shot 1

Although the formation and he play are slightly different, the concept is the same on Autenreith's big play. Here, the Wolfpack set up with three receivers to the right, looking as though it was setting up a bubble screen. Autenreith is lined up tight on the strong side of the formation

Autenreith screen shot 2

As was the case with Angeline earlier, McKay looks at the receiver in the flat, drawing aggressive Catamounts toward him as Autenreith keeps running unnoticed downfield.

Autenreith screen shot 3

Like Angeline, there's no one within five yards of him as he streaks down the far hashmarks. And like Angeline, all he had to do was catch the ball and run.