Halftime Observations: UNC 14, State 7

Kenton Gibbs

The first half was bad for the NC State football team, but it could have been a lot worse. 

Despite giving up 320 yards to Sam Howell and the Tar Heels -- including 142 yards on the ground -- and rushing for only 42 itself, the Wolfpack is still within striking distance with half the game to play.

So what does State need to do to fashion a second half comeback to erase a 10-point deficit for the second week in a row?

Offensively, it needs to keep attacking with freshman quarterback Ben Finley, who came into the game in the second half in relief of Bailey Hockman and breathed some life into an attack that was going nowhere fast. 

Offensive coordinator Tim Beck needs to get creative, though, becaues the Tar Heels will soon start jumping every route. A double move or two will keep them honest.

Finley has looked great and the perimeter guys have to keep helping him. He has one true incompletion and the turnover was a well-placed ball that a wide-open Dylan Parham dropped.

Defensively, State needs to make tackles and keep contain. It's that simple. Giving Howell time to scramble and play around in the backfield will get the Wolfpack beat and beat badly. the players are in position ... now they just have to start making more plays.

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