VIDEO: Sculthorpe, Emezie discuss Wolfpack's first major test at West Virginia

Brett Friedlander

After two easy wins over non-Power Five opponents, NC State will face its most challenging test of the new season on Saturday when it goes on the road to play West Virginia. 

Although the rebuilding Mountaineers are off to a shaky start at 1-1, coming off a 38-7 loss to Missouri, offensive guard Joe Sculthorpe and wide receiver Emeka Emezie say they're not taking WVU lightly. Here's what they had to say during Tuesday's session with the media. 

First, Sculthorpe ...

"Sometimes fans heckle or whatever. I always feel like that's just part of the game. They pay for their ticket, we're putting on a show for them. That's part of it. I tell our young guys to look for it, ignore it, white noise and just focus on the game. Half the time you don't even pay attention to it, you don't hear it."

I remember my first time going to an away stadium. Obviously getting that crowd noise is something a little different from high school. Going to an away stadium is loud, you can't really hear that much. You really have to focus and pay attention on what your keys and what your assignment is. Most of the time, practicing throughout the week, it really gets you in that mindset of focusing on your job and not on the crowd noise because once you get in the middle of the game and the reps start flying, you just block it out and just play ball

This is what Emezie had to say ...

"No matter what, win or loss, there's always more you've got to improve on. That's what I look at. I try to find that every single week. I try to find the bad and focus on that and then do the good again, then focus on what you did bad and flip it."

"Power Five games are always big. Big games, they're on TV. You've just gotta play hard. focus in. It's gonna be a huge stadium, a huge crowd, so you've just gotta lock in."

"It's a good first test with a Power Five school. ECU, WCU ... they're good teams. But Power Five schools have different elements to it. Really just come in, lock in and understand it's a big game."